November 3, 2007

Due to the massive amount of submissions last month (and this month, to boot!), here's the November issue of the Alte in full blast goodness! We have the randomest articles this month, as well as a number of puzzles for you to do (Ravenclaw Brain Challenge is open to all, by the way!).

Articles: Quite numerous, from one about making adorable little babies to witch burnings, to Denethor and Faramir!

Scientifics: When an eagle gets geeky, they surely get geeky. XD Rosanna and Maya entertain us with their witty articles about fighting onions and pondering the meaning of all those red/orange leaves.

Reviews and Puzzles: We have a book and show review for you, as well as a Sudoku and the Brain Challenge for you to do! Enjoy!

Columns, Specials, Ads: Along with the Alte ad at the top, Maya has also made one to cheer the RQT on! Check it out. There's a bit of poetry in the showcase, and of course we have our columns of the month (check them out *g*). Also, congratulations to last month's Brain Challenge winner! *steals Scarlet's brains*

Again, I love submissions! Send me more things! Thanks!

October 6, 2007

Here we go again! Into the new term and I cannot believe I've gotten this amount of articles from people! So thank you to the writers and those who have submitted puzzles and graphics to the following issue! Because there was a whole bunch of articles that didn't quite make it yet, I've put the others aside for the November issue. I know the paper is a bi-monthly thing, but I'm making the exception, since quite a number of people's articles have not yet been published (and I promise you they will be!). For now, here are some things I want to highlight:

Ravenclaw Brain Challenge: Yes, it's reopening again! We don't have any missing brains at the moment, but we DO have a puzzle for everyone to do! Send in your answers to alte.sententiam@gmail.com and you just might win a reward ;)

Columns: Want to hear the latest advice of the month? Check out Adeliene's "Addie-vice" column! Want to see the inner workings of that Lobieskchick's ranty mind? By all means, check out her corner!

Articles and Scientifics: See what Adelline has to say about HOL unity, and what Easton has to write about chocolate pancakes! Also, have you ever wondered about transfiguring objects into gold? Or how about the sky being blue? Then we have articles just for that!

Reviews: Of course, our reviews for the month include a Harry Potter book and movie review, as well as the J-Drama review of the month: Hana Kimi.

Specials and ads: We also have a few poems up (with accompanying graphics). We have had talented people designing ads as well, so it's definitely worth looking through!

So enjoy the issue! See you again next month!

June 10, 2007

The term couldn't end properly if the Alte Sententiam didn't publish one last time, I'm sure! A big thank you to those who submitted and especially Maya Winters for sending me a last-minute article after complaining that the issue was graphics-heavy (though, I think I've begun to regret it...considering the subject of her article... XD).

Among some of the content in this issue, we have a few more ads regarding HOL by Ireth Halliwell, and quite a few puzzles this time around. We even have a cute image submitted by Jenna Hathaway cheering on our very own house Quidditch team! This issue also takes a look at Professor Charles Pendragon (an article contributed by Ayahzy Nahki). And let's not forget those lost brains, they keep increasing, I say!

Again, thanks to everyone for helping out by sending things in and/or reading the Alte. Hope you have a lovely summer, and we'll see you again next term!

February 24, 2007

Things are looking up, and the Alte is up as scheduled! I hope you enjoy this issue, this was a great collaboration from writers to editors to graphic artists. What is in this issue, you ask?

We've gotten additions to our poem showcase, as well as a nice little graphic at the top of the navigation area (thank you to Maya Winters for that submission!). Professor Ulol Kimil also made his pretty little ads for the featured missing brains of the issue (yes, congrats to Ireth Halliwell and Rowan Nazz for solving the Ravenclaw Brain Challenge!). We have a new werewolf series by Lou Levi and quite a number of other articles and reviews (including even an exclusive review of the month's rave: HYD) that are a must read, I swear! Anyway, enjoy this issue!

Cassandra Lobiesk