June 10, 2007

The term couldn't end properly if the Alte Sententiam didn't publish one last time, I'm sure! A big thank you to those who submitted and especially Maya Winters for sending me a last-minute article after complaining that the issue was graphics-heavy (though, I think I've begun to regret it...considering the subject of her article... XD).

Among some of the content in this issue, we have a few more ads regarding HOL by Ireth Halliwell, and quite a few puzzles this time around. We even have a cute image submitted by Jenna Hathaway cheering on our very own house Quidditch team! This issue also takes a look at Professor Charles Pendragon (an article contributed by Ayahzy Nahki). And let's not forget those lost brains, they keep increasing, I say!

Again, thanks to everyone for helping out by sending things in and/or reading the Alte. Hope you have a lovely summer, and we'll see you again next term!

February 24, 2007

Things are looking up, and the Alte is up as scheduled! I hope you enjoy this issue, this was a great collaboration from writers to editors to graphic artists. What is in this issue, you ask?

We've gotten additions to our poem showcase, as well as a nice little graphic at the top of the navigation area (thank you to Maya Winters for that submission!). Professor Ulol Kimil also made his pretty little ads for the featured missing brains of the issue (yes, congrats to Ireth Halliwell and Rowan Nazz for solving the Ravenclaw Brain Challenge!). We have a new werewolf series by Lou Levi and quite a number of other articles and reviews (including even an exclusive review of the month's rave: HYD) that are a must read, I swear! Anyway, enjoy this issue!

January 8, 2007

Can you believe another issue is out? I must say, the amount of articles has increased from last issue, and I can't thank the writers enough! And this issue is up just in time for the holidays, too, which is great.

Again, for those who would like to submit articles, please do so! We welcome submissions, really! Oh, and if you're wondering what kind of articles you can submit, take a look at past issues and the current one, it'll really help.

Thanks again for a good one!

October 28, 2006

Here we are again, another Alte issue published and the first one for the year! Much thanks to writers and editors alike for doing their best and helping up with the published product!

Just a few new notes: Non-Ravenclaw members can now also submit articles (think of it as another POINTS opportunity!), so if you have anything to write about from articles to scientifics to reviews, and even to puzzles, come do so! The next deadline is on November 30, so feel free to send anything to alte.sententiam@gmail.com with your HOL Name, ID, and House attached to your submissions. Thanks!

Yes, the points also apply to the Ravenclaw house, don't worry ;)

Also, archived articles have now been added under the "Info" section of the site. Enjoy the old articles as well as the new ones!

June 5, 2006

After almost a full year of hiatus, the Ravenclaw newspaper is unleashed once again! Yes, yes, it is the first and last issue of the HOL school year, but the Alte itself has changed from a monthly newspaper to more of a scientific journal. Our feature articles are no longer outdated news (for we've had a lot of problems with those in the past), but various articles from alchemy to play reviews, to running under the rain!

We'd like to thank the writers who haven't failed to submit when we poked sticks at their direction. Thanks so much, because without the writers, there wouldn't be anything on the website as is.

Stay tuned for any more updates in the next term! *crosses fingers*

Cassandra Lobiesk