The Immortals by Tamora Pierce
Alexia Riaper

After completing the Song of the Lioness quartet of books, Tamora Pierce knew she’d have to create new characters and adventures in the land of Tortall. The Immortals series picks up a few years after Lioness Rampant and while we see glimpses of those beloved characters from Song of the Lioness, much of the story focuses on new additions.

It begins with Wild Magic, in which a young girl named Veralidaine Sarrasri (or just Daine) is leaving her home of Snowsdale, in search of something better. Onua, the royal horse-mistress, quickly employs Daine to help take a herd of new ponies to Tortall. Onua soon learns that Daine is not only good with the ponies, but has a ‘knack for all animals.’

En route to Tortall, Daine meets Numair Salmalin – one of the more powerful mages in the world at that time. From Numair, Daine learns that she has magic, not the Gift, but wild magic. This wild magic gives her a connection with all animals. With the help of the Beaver god, Numair and other friends, Daine is taught how to communicate with animals, heal them and even shape-shift into them.

Throughout the series (which contains Wild Magic, Wolf-Speaker, Emperor Mage and The Realms of the Gods), Daine’s adventures lead her to battles with Carthaki raiders, a couple of mages set on treason, an Emperor wanting to kill Numair, into the realms of the Gods, further still into the Dragonlands, and ultimately to the biggest battle of her life. Did I forget to mention, that the barrier sealing immortals in the Divine realms has been destroyed?

Be prepared for a thrilling and adventurous series, as a young girl finds herself, and grows into powers that we can only imagine.

Book review graphic provided by Jenna Hathaway.