January's anime review: "Ouran"
Maya Winters

"Ouran," more formally known as "Ouran High School Host Club" is a manga that was adapted into a 26 episode anime in 2006. It focuses around the life of Haruhi Fujioka – a girl from a relatively poor family – who has earned a scholarship which allows her to attend the prestigious Ouran High School. On her first day, while searching for a place to study, Haruhi finds herself in the Music Room where she meets the school's Host Club. In the room, she unfortunately ends up breaking a very expensive vase. Haruhi's indifference about her appearance is apparent, and the Host Club members automatically assume she's a boy and offer "him" the opportunity to pay them back for the vase by working as their club's underdog. Haruhi has no choice but to accept (trust me, Kyouya - a member of the Host Club - gives her some very convincing reasons not to simply run away!). After setting the storyline up in the first episode, the anime then goes on to explore the adventures of the Host Club members and the relationships between them.


Host Club Members:

Suou Tamaki – "The King"

Tamaki is a half-French, half-Japanese second year student who is both the creator and leader of the Host Club. Tamaki is very protective of Haruhi, often referring to himself as her "Daddy" and is a very outgoing character ("Kyouya, mon ami, mon aaaaamiii *tackleglomps Kyouya*). He is also well known for his mood swings and is one of the main providers of comic relief.

Ootori Kyouya – "The Shadow King"

Kyouya is the "vice president" of the Host Club, in charge of its finances and a very good friend of Tamaki's. His role in the club tends to focus around money-making schemes as he attempts to make a profit out of any available situation, which includes any misfortunes that befall the members.

The Hitachiin twins – Hikaru and Kaoru

They are the Ouran equivalent of Fred and George Weasley one could say, at least in terms of mischief and attitude, although the Hitachiins are way ahead in the looks department! The twins are very close to each other and had almost completely isolated themselves from the rest of the world until they joined the Host Club. No one has ever really been able to tell them apart.

Haninozuka Mitsukuni – "Hunny"

The smallest member of the Host Club and yet the eldest, Hunny – as his name suggests – has a strong love of anything and everything sweet. His character is almost always bouncy and sunny, the exceptions being a) if you deprive him of cake, b) if you wake him up, c) if you damage his bunny and d) if you threaten his friends. Hunny is particularly close to Mori (see below).

Morinozuka Takashi – "Mori"

As the tallest and quietest member, he can appear to be scary, but is actually one of the gentlest members of the Host Club. He is as protective of Hunny as Tamaki is of Haruhi (although less publicly and embarrassingly). Both he and Hunny are very skilled in martial arts.

Overall, I'd recommend Ouran to anyone wanting to watch a light-hearted romantic and yet very comedic anime. There aren't many animes where I can truly say that I love all of the main characters – the group dynamic makes Ouran what it is (amazinglyawesomeliekwhoaetc *stops before the editors keel her*) Oh I would also like to take this opportunity to point out that RQT claims full possession of Tamaki, Kyouya and Haruhi. OURS! *nod*