The Muggle Way
Silmarien Szilagyi

Wizards and witches from all over the world are prejudiced against Muggles. We believe they are unimaginative, ignorant, and sometimes a threat to our world. However, some wizards and witches are ignorant too. And those like He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named are certainly a threat to the Muggle world as well, not only to ours. While I think that we and the majority of Muggles are better off without their knowledge of our world and us, I also think that we are worse off without knowledge of their world. I’m sure many readers will disagree with me, but I firmly believe that the Muggles can offer us a different perspective on the meaning of life and art.

Ask just about any witch or wizard whether Muggles have magic, and the most frequent answer will be “no,” with a large spoonful of sarcasm, indignation, and irritation thrown in. I disagree. Although Muggles don’t have our type of magic, they do have their own type.

Muggles don’t have our talent for incantations and potions, but they substitute those with technical and scientific knowledge. What we accomplish with spells and potions, they accomplish with machines and science. We can levitate a hunk of metal with the Wingardium Leviosa charm, while they can “levitate” it with fuel and firepower. We can heal wounds with potions and salves; they can heal them with stitches and surgery (the art, practice, or work of treating diseases, injuries, or deformities by manual or operative procedures). Though they cannot yet forestall death with the use of the Elixir of Life, is living forever really that appealing? Death gives life meaning. Just knowing that any day your life could end makes you live completely. Although most wizards and witches don’t have access to the elixir, there are certainly ways to extend one’s life.

Many Muggles believe in a Higher Being, which is another thing that sets them apart from us. Through my research, I have learned that the majority trusts this Higher Being to guide lives and give forgiveness. This is just another perspective for us to consider.

I am a lover of music, of playing it and of listening to it. Witches and wizards can enchant a piano to play flawlessly, while Muggles cannot. They must learn, practice, and toil away at their instruments. Surely their music is not flawless, but it is organic, which makes it endearing. There are wizard musicians and bands, of course, but it is Muggles who have the best music, in my personal opinion. Songs from bands such as "HIM", "The Rasmus", "Falconer", and "HammerFall" from Scandinavia pulse with raw emotion, and it is clear that the artists love what they’re doing. The discovery of these bands, and of Muggle music in general, has opened my horizons to a different, yet worthy, world.

Since most Muggles don’t have access to our magic, they believe spells and incantations to be naught but fairy tales and fantasy. Muggle authors write about magic, sometimes in very convincing ways (i.e. Piers Anthony), and many Muggles enjoy reading these stories as a way to escape from their mundane or unpleasant reality. They can immerse themselves within worlds that to them are imaginary, and when they climb back into their own world, all their problems and grievances seem less distressing. They get a taste of our world, if only for a few hours.

I hope that after reading this article, more of our kind will realize that there are important experiences, knowledge, and perspective to be had from the Muggles’ world. We can learn so much from them, if only we care to try.